2018 Pinewood Derby

NOTICE: Due to low enrollment, this event will be rescheduled.


Illinois & Sequoia Nations

Pinewood Derby of Champions

checkered flag

Presented by:the Mighty Black Bear Tribe!
Sunday TBD, 2018
 11:45 AM to 2:15 PM

Arlington Heights Memorial Library
500 N Dunton Ave, Arlington Heights

Download the official flyer, rules and regulations here. (PDF format)

Please download, print, and read the official flyer!  It’s filled with important and valuable information for race day!
Please carefully read the official car specifications both on the flyer and below! Cars that do not fall within specifications will not be allowed to race!
Please carefully read the official rules both on the flyer and below!  These details are important to a fair and fun race day!  Note the 2 very important words: No Exceptions.

Registration Fee is only $12!

Pinewood car kit NOT provided
Car kits and supplies available at Hobby Lobby and Ace Hardware in Palatine.

Items purchased online are acceptable.
Please do not purchase “pre-weighted” or pre-made car kits.

To purchase your car kits online, click the link below (as always)2clicklogo

See event flyer for official rules and regulations.

You MUST register online for this event!!

Register Here:  Algonquin Longhouse Website

Registration closes at 11:59 PM on Wednesday TBD, 2018

Race Categories and Schedule

Event Time Check-in Close Time Event
11:15 AM Doors open to racers and fans
12:00 PM to 12:45 PM 11:45am Kindergarten and 1st Grade          
12:45 PM to 1:30 PM 12:30pm 2nd and 3rd Grade
1:30 PM to 2:15 PM 1:15pm Grades 4 and up

Trophies awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Speed and Design!


Food and drinks will be available for sale at the event.
Drink Hot Dog – $1.50
Chips – $.50
Drink – $1.00
And much more!


Detailing such as Steering Wheel, Driver, Decals, Painting, and Interior are encouraged as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width and weight specifications.

After inspection and registration of each car by the derby officials, cars will be moved to a staging area by racing class. This area is off limits to participants. Once your car has been registered you may not handle it until after the race. Only Derby Officials are allowed to handle or otherwise touch a car after check-in.

The car must meet these limits before being allowed to enter the race.

    • Car weight shall not exceed 5 ounces (141.75 grams).
    • Car height shall not exceed 4 ½ inches.
    • Car width shall not exceed 2 3/4 inches.
    • Car length including wheels shall not exceed 7 inches.
    • The lateral distance between the wheels must be at least 1 3/4 inches.
    • Car bottom must clear center guide to roll down track (~ 1/2 inch).
    • Car must fit in check-in sizing box to prove above specifications.  No Exceptions!

Cars will not be disqualified if they ride on fewer than four wheels, but ALL FOUR WHEELS MUST BE ATTACHED to the car with the provided axles.

Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are strictly prohibited.

Axles can be lubricated, but cars must not leave oil on the track. Powdered graphite is recommended. Lubrication may not be applied after final inspection and check-in.

The car shall not ride on any type of spring or suspension system.

The car must be free-wheeling with no starting or launch devices.

Any car losing an item or accessory such as a wheel or decorative item will be allowed to continue the race without the item attached.

Cars are returned to their owners after races are complete.

Any car found not to be within ANY of the rules can be disqualified at ANY time during the race.

Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finish are determined by electronic timing. All cars will race in each of the 4 lanes of the competition track, to determine best time. The top 4 timed entries will be entered into a final race, with lane assignments chosen at random.

Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place best design are determined by a voting process. These votes will then be tallied, and awards will be assigned accordingly. In the case of a tie, a re-vote will be cast and counted to break said tie.